On the off chance that you enlist your Quran classes online at LearnQuranKareem or your child's classes as an understudy, you will concede to the accompanying Terms of Service and Conditions:

1) Upon effective fruition of free trial classes, you should choose whether or not to proceed with the classes at LearnQuranKareem.

2) Once you choose to proceed with, you will pay the expense at the due date – month to month charges are paid ahead of time on the most recent week of consistently for one month from now. Classes can be stopped (delayed) in the event that you don't pay charge on the due date.

3) LearnQuranKareem maintains all authority to stop the classes if the installment is over-due for over 7 days with no reason.

4) in the event that you have to hold the classes and plan to proceed with a similar educator in the meantime by and by when might continue, at that point LearnQuranKareem will charge the full expense per understudy for reservation of the opening for you with a similar instructor. Any leaves all the more then 5 days is considered as paid leave shape your side and there is no make up for that and it is paid in the event that you keep an indistinguishable calendar and instructor from we can not use the ideal opportunity for some other understudies. There is no make up classes for all the more then 5 days leaves as the instructor can not deal with the make up classes.

5) If the understudy is truant in any class because of issue at his/her end, it is a bit much that cosmetics classes will be engaged.

6) If understudies miss any class without earlier notice (aside from in the event of crisis), truant will be checked and no cosmetics class will be orchestrated. Make up classes can be orchestrated with a similar instructor or other educator upon accessibility on the required time.

7) If you need to scratch off a class quickly, you are required to advise your educator on the Skype or email us 6 hours prior to benefit the cosmetics class.

8) LearnQuranKareem maintains whatever authority is needed to wipe out the classes if any understudy stays missing for over two weeks without earlier notice and no discount will be engaged according to our Terms of administration.

9) Never share your contact informaiton like telephone number, Email, address, charge card informaion to any educator. LearnQuranKareem won't be considered mindful incasoe of abuse.

10) LearnQuranKareem claims all authority to change educator whenever if necessary for quality instructing purposes.

11) on the off chance that the instructor leaves/ended, understudies will be furnished with new Quran educator and understudies won't keep in contact with any people, if found in touch and getting educational costs from same instructor by whatever other means or some other organization will be charged 6 months least expense as indicated by rules. What's more, LearnQuranKareem won't be in charge of any harm or misfortune caused by such contact in future as LearnQuranKareem is an enlisted venture of Quran Technologies (SMC-PVT) Ltd.

12) LearnQuranKareem will expand expense of each understudy as indicated by the terms of administration with the proportion of around 6-7% of the present charge each year toward the finish of the time of the Gregorian timetable.

13) You won't examine any installments and your contact subtle elements with the educators as in the event of any lose or harm LearnQuranKareem won't be mindful.

14) LearnQuranKareem expense of the understudies could be shifted by our arrangements of that time and terms of administration.

15) The Eid Holidays on both events are paid leaves of the instructors and we have no different leaves in the years for the educators with the exception of the Eid. So Eid Holidays are incorporated into the month to month charges and there are no make up classes and no discounts for there occasions.

16) LearnQuranKareem may reconsider its Terms of Service and Conditions anytime of time and those future included and refreshed our site also.

17) These Terms of administration and conditions are pertinent on all understudies.

Note: These Terms of Service were Published on: June 23, 2017 @ 18:45 PST.

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